Game Design Animation Update

MAIN_MAIN_CHARACTER_Animated_Take2 Copy.gifspider_Bot_Animated.gif

It could be slown down but… hey, something’s moving at least. Next step – turn it into a sprite sheet.


As for the spider, it also would be slower, but he moves at least as well. I even have the sprite sheet!



Galvanized Art Update

After some work and talking with the team, we have two basic enemies and our character, Catherine. Not at all related to Samus. Nope. Never.

Galvanized Updates

Aside from some concept art… attempts, we’ve generally decided on mechanics and such (Shocking, Magnesis, a basis around Movement as opposed to combat, etc). We’ve got a running Discord and Trello, and in general progress is coming along.

Update – Vertical Shooter

Though I’m not of much use in Unity, as I have trouble reading the script, we’ve managed to get some traction. I’ve done more art than anything (outside of class of course) but I’ve given some tips hither and tither to assist in getting things done when issues arise. for instance, attempting to help whenever the hierarchy of things wouldn’t work.





The Shifting of Games

All things require a starting point to even exist and trust me, games aren’t even remotely an exception to this. But as with most things, games started rather basically, with arcade cabinets. Now understand I mean video games, not much else, and I don’t mean they started there. I mean they became much more popular there. When arcade cabinets became a thing and game after game was released for them, they swept the nation one could say. And among the, three predominant genres were 2D side-scrollers and 2D top-downs, such as Pac-Man. This was just the start of it all. As time progressed more an more tech allowed for more types of games, away went some of the top downs and in came 2D side scrollers! They were able to build much better worlds, much bigger games, and much more lively and interesting scenarios using these games. You knew the limits still rather well so things were limited enough to where you didn’t have too many concerns such as you would with modern games like Fallout, thus games like Mario and later on Contra and the such succeeded during such a time. Mingling in however came fighting games. You had a  much simpler side-by-side area to work with, and in this it was PVP, so your constraints were stretched yet also fixed. With games like Street fighter and Mortal Kombat these flourished. But then… well, everything changed. One of the more well known genres in games, shooters, weren’t always first person. If anything, some of the first to come to mind, such as Contra, were side scrollers that could be considered shooters. Of course as time progressed and things changed, we eventually hit Wolfenstein 3D and the lovely genre of First Person shooters, where things skyrocketed more than they already had before. Shooters, like many games, do need a bit of a basis. I couldn’t find the first shooter ever, but shooters started like most other games did when they got more popular, side scrolling action. You could move left and right, shoot at things with your attack buttons, and that was all you needed to know. Over time of course it got more advanced with better engines, 8-directional aiming, jumping, a lot of upgrades, things got wild. Around 1994 and onwards, when Doom was released, the existence of FPS’s was viable and well done, and ever since they’ve been skyrocketing, doing their best at the time. When graphics get better though and Call of Duty World at War came out, I’d say then they skyrocketed again, ever since being a massive staple in the gaming community and receiving many to the ranks upoin ranks of first person shooters.

Game Concepts

1 – Vault – Horror/Puzzle

In Vault you play as a survivor of the Nuclear Apocalypse that has ravaged the world above, being one of the lucky few to have purchased an underground vault in time. At the beginning you have no memory of what’s happened as you’ve fallen down into the storage area through an open ladder hatch, leaving you with only the knowledge the vault was left open and you must seal it shut, as well as your P.D.D, an instrument to assist in preventing your death, amongst other things.

2 – Untitled – Astronaut vs Ghost – Side Scroller Horror Survival.

In —– you play as one of five astronauts on a crew sent to repair a satellite, however, you’re the only one left alive as the others have been killed by some unknown source. All you know is that they haunt you and try to kill you to make you join them as you try to survive the malfunctioning ship and reach an escape pod to get to Earth, discovering secrets about their fate all along the way.


3 – Untitled – Top Down Isometric Survival Horror.

The nukes have hit, government experiments run wild, and dystopian cities run amuck. Among the few sane and survigin you must make your way to a place you’ve heard of, a land where people can live, not survive, without care or concern. Upon arriving however, you discover a plot of theirs to take over one of the many pre-war dystopias and start America over again. Do you join them and help, or leave them to their task, opting to survive alone?


4 – Untitled – Survival/Horror based card game.

Love card games? Love post-apocalyptic scenarios? Then you’re sure to love —-! In —- you and a friend or few grab a deck of cards from the game box and pit against each other in a grab of resources, land, and life, surviving against the horrors of the waste with or against one another.